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03 July 2012

RIP My Egypt

The Egypt I knew and loved; is gone- and will not come back in my lifetime again.

The days when all Egyptians, were just Egyptians, came to an end..

See you next life..

Chérie je t'aime chérie je t'adore. Como la salsa de pomodoro!!

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Ohio said...

Agree 100%; Egypt I know included freedom of reflecting your religious believe anyway you wants(it didn't mean right or wrong but it was "yours"). For example; we used to see in same section of street girls with "mini-jupe" walking near others with head scarfs; and kno one make particular comment about religion. Maybe, some attraction remarks to the sexy showing ones, but after awhile they got tired of making the remarks. For sure, very rarely men used to wear beards as faith symbol, in fact we use to laugh about the Saudi interpretation as yhat mean religious. I don't knowwhen Egypt will wake up !!!!!

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