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01 August 2012

Eternal Happy Returns

As I sit in the balcony to enjoy a heavenly breeze and a majestic view on my favorite city shining under a full moon, like it got there right in time in its full glory to share this great nation its celebration of the national day; I smile as the fireworks send me the vibes of a happy person, feeling proud and blessed enough to share in lighting a party candle.

I lean back and look at the moon like I'm silently communicating with my best friend: "Remember a scene like this once before? Some thousands of sun years back in time? Back in a great country called Egypt? Doesn't it make you feel sad how things have changed?"

I could swear I saw his face giving me a sad smile.

I wish you eternal happy returns. Happy birthday, Switzerland. xx

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BlackbootJack said...

Interesting blog, but I'm not sure what it is about.
Are you a student? In Egypt? Another country?
Are you pro Islamic....?
I run a web site that is anti-jihad. NOT anti muslim.
Maybe I can get you to write some articles for me.
Please contact me:

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