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16 September 2012

Back To School Brunch

Had a fantastic brunch today with the school parents, children, and staff.

One more day of great team work. Met many new people, heard lots of happy, funny, good, bad, and sad stories.

The location was very well chosen; outside of school for a change.

Again, my potluck choice was a success, yaay! Well, err, I only stuffed a plate with a kilogram of smoked salmon topped with some sauce and there goes my dish bahahahaha! But hey, it flew off the table within the first half an hour!

Queen Bee, which is the name I call the oh-so-very-active L., who always organizes this stuff, has  this load of massive energy it's impossible to keep up with her, but there was a lot of team work involved- oh, under her supervision of course. Tsehehehe.

Met D., a lovely, charming mom from Austria. She told me her story, and how she is managing life after having become a widow. My heart almost stopped upon hearing the word. I suddenly remembered my mom and how she had to face life alone with 4 girls between 23 and 10, when my dad passed away. D. sounded strikingly positive against all odds. Grateful for the twin boys her husband gave her before his departure, and very determined to keep smiling.

Gerome helped me out with setting up the art room ( I gave an art session for the children), and as we were busy, I suddenly found myself speaking French! Oot zuu Phuque! I thought I totally forgot that language!  He was very encouraging, and I might want to review my no-French attitude from now on. :)))

Some people are full of positive energy. And I'm glad the place was full of them today. :)

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