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21 October 2012

Home Sa-weeet Home

Back from Michigan, Philadelhia, and the Bahamas.

As much as I hated the West Coast, I am getting addicted to the East Coast!

I have so much to write, and I have been feeling down for not being able to write lately, but the good news is, I'm back richer, deeper, and more insightful about the meaning of life.

The idea for my book is finally cooked now. It took a year of pain to get it well done!

So grateful for everything I have and for all the things I don't have,  and for everyone that comes into, and everyone that gets out of my life.

I breathe in love, I breathe out love.

I'll be back.


Raouf said...

Welcome back, and hope your return for more.

What is it about the East Coast that you particularly like?

I agree that Los Angeles is a sorry place but California is really very different than that and Washington state has a special flair. I promise you, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Also next time you go to Michigan, please try to visit Chicago (not very far from AA). It is a grand city, if you have the children, take them to the Science and Industry Museum, it has a big T. Rex and it has an intact U-boot from WWII (they built the pavilion around the boat) among many other wonders.

I have been to Philadelphia, in fact I did some work for them sometime back.
We called it "cleaning up city hall" some people thought we were politicians, but it was only science.

Raouf said...

Every time I visit this blog, I like to look at the live feed at the bottom left. It strikes me that there is ALWAYS someone reading one of the following two articles. Also those reading the first are from all over the world while those reading the second are from a very narrow region.

or this one

It highlights the difference of the mentality of those reading from that region and the rest of the world. It makes me really really sad to see the immense gulf between the two ways of thinking.

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