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03 December 2012

Dear Diary

It has been a significant absence, but here are some flying thoughts to keep my feet on the ground..

My paintings are getting more and bigger and better, working on the gallery opening soon. I know, I know, Chris has already thrown 398473940475903759 opening parties and I not even one yet, but better late than never.

I am writing for a book but decided not to publish anything so the idea wouldn't get busted. Satanic Verses will seem like a children's lullaby next to it. *evil grin*.

Adopting the "block" policy in life, which I learned from Twitter. Everyone with negative energy in real or virtual life, gets a "block" from me; meaning that I drop him/her off my field of all senses. I might be looking at them or their words, but I see them not, I hear them not, I feel them not. Once blocked, you are dead. So, RIP.

Queen Bee (the name I give this energiser-bunny-like mom from school) is giving a 6-session course in her new 20-million-Franc-villa on proper child upbringing. It's an excellent, and I mean BRILLIANT house. Errrr, I mean course. I will make a vlog about it in Arabic for the fungus among us.

So husband is suggesting that I take a degree in Munich! Now what? He says me CV needs some academic updating! Buddy, I want to write and paint till I die! Fuck academics!

Somehow it seems that someone who is trying to help me out, with loads of kindness, is suffocating me. I need to say it out loud.

A Dutch company working for MSN (?) wants to shoot my videos professionally. I will be flying to Holland soon, how about that!!

And one more bomb: There will be a new series next Ramadan about "Twitter users", and my character will be played by no-one less than Ghada Abdel-Razeq Ahahahahahah!! NO kidding! She might even come to visit me!!

So happy my people are getting to squash the Islamists!

In sweet November; Radwa & Mary came to visit! That was so lovely <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
I smell nice and I don't know which perfume it is, but it makes me feel good.

Unlike the shitty 2011; 2012 has been a great year. So I'd say to 2013; bring it!

I'll be back. ;)

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