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09 January 2013

Floods in Egypt


Haroun el Poussah said...

Hilarious. I think a sight like this would cause more traffic jams than the floods :)

Charafantah said...

ليه بطلتي تكتبي بإنتظام على المدونه؟ أتمنى إنك ترجعي تكتبي تاني, بتفائل لما أصحى الصبح وأنا بتابع الأخبار ألاقي إنك عاملة بوست جديد.

عام سعيد.

Ghawayesh said...

Merci Charaf, I'm busy with so many projects at once that I never get the time to blog- but I will soon. I'm homesick for here. P.s. I lost my e-mail address! Hotmail simply blocked me!! Have a good year. :)

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