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26 February 2013

Insane in the Sugarcane

Can't sleep..

So.. Maro, is the daddy of G's best friend. Our friendship started somehow hostile after several complaints from Gab that Ben (his son) is somewhat bullying him in class. We went to have a talk with them, turns out they're super nice and friendly people (see recipe below!).

Maro and Alexa are Brazilian. Well, he's actually Swiss- with a 100% German Swiss name. But he grew up in Brasil and came back to live in Zurich only a few years ago. The result? A fully Swiss man who speaks mainly Portugese, some German, and no English!!

So apparently the recipe for meeting a nice Swiss family who is sociable and adorable is to locate one that grew up in a warm country and took up its culture in its heart! Haha!

Anyway.. Back to Maro. He's a dentist- but that's to make a living, but in his free time he does two things: Wrecks his car while playing with his GPS on the highway (I'm not going to show him this blog), and invents stuff.

Yeah. Maro is an inventor. A fascinating one.

He just sits there and thinks: what if this problem gets this and this solution?

And he doesn't stop there. In fact he acts where most of us stop. He jumps into his car (plays with GPS on the highway, causes a major crash, wrecks it, survives) and goes to the nearest laboratory or factory and shows them his idea so they would try it out.

Now, attention fellow Egyptians, because I'm about to reveal the secret to eternal life right now.

Guess what Maro's last invention was!!

The dude, having grown up in Brasil, where they obviously share us the culture of drinking fresh sugarcane juice, and we all know that the only option is to drink it fresh or else it would ferment in 10 minutes. Well, Maro took a glass of a sugarcane juice to a lab and they worked on it so it would be bottled and preserved to drink for 8 months. Yeah you read that right.

Now imagine me, standing on top of a Swiss mountain, drinking 3aseer Assab!!!!!

I had a mini-heart-attack while sipping on the most delicious sugarcane juice ever. Proudly made and canned and sent with love all the way from Brasil.

Now he's selling it all over the Middle East!

And while I was enjoying this 2assab nirvana, I couldn't help but remember that the same idea crossed my mind several times. But the difference is that I never took off to make anything out of it, thinking: Naaah. That's impossible to realize.

Egypt and Brasil have so much in common; and I'm glad sugarcane is one of them.

Thank you, Brasil. <3 p="">

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Tamer Sobh said...

There you are! Drinking sugar cane :)

I bet Maro is good looking too :-)

Sometimes the secret to success is to keep going.

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