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28 May 2013

Holy Bug!

I have been unable to login here for more than a month! No clue what happened- and my hotmail account of 15 fucking years has been disabled by hotmail for some odd reason that I couldnt even understand even after 30 attempts!

Now that I think of it.. Fucking hell- 15 years of my life communications are gone with the wind.

Fuck you, hotmail.

Meanwhile, I have been writing a lot without publishing. Shame!

Will be back- soon.



Raouf said...

Don't give up on your hotmail account since it has such a big history behind it. Here is a link to try recover a hotmail account

Once you have it back, make sure you get a copy of everything to your Macbook using a mail agent such as firefly.

Verify it has not been messed with by checking last date of access.

Ghawayesh said...

Thank you Raouf <3

Look Who's Here :D