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20 September 2013

A Letter to Dad

Hi Dad, how are you?

It's been a while since you were last around.. 20 years to the day. I thought it would be a chance to let you know how we are.

You always called yourself the Rooster of the Chicks, and since you left, they have evolved into four successful, strong, swans.

It took me 10 years to stop thinking it's you turning the key in the door, but I still tiptoe around your room at your siesta time, just as if you were still around. And I tiptoe all the same around my loving daddy of my kid's room.

Remember the years you made me believe I could be anything I wanted? Remember the plans we had together for me to become a ra22asa? You'd say "7aaaaader, we'll make you a ra22asa. Next week we go buy you the badla and go to the cabaret, and you will become a ra22asa".

Well, at least you said with a straight face and with a lot of love and respect! I really appreciate that, Dad. And I never mock my children's plans, thanks to our ra22asa dream together.

I have two boys now, and they keep asking about you, and whether you are having fun on the other side. They wonder if you could send us an e-mail or whether they let you have an account on Twitter in there. I told them you don't have Internet, but you do have other more fun stuff to do, just different from ours and not all the same.

Hey, regarding that ra22asa dream, it turns out that I do feel alive while dancing. Too bad I couldn't make it to become a ballerina, but guess what, I might start ballet lessons soon!

I've just launched my own tv! Well, an online TV. Well, never mind- you missed the whole Internet revolution, so it's hard to explain, but I'm making some health programs to help people improve their lives. I'm your seed, dad. And these are your branches. You said: "We can be away from Egypt, but the roots are there, and we should pay back with some fruits". I haven't forgotten that, my dear Dad.

My boys have a great German grandfather, and they took a lot from him, but I can still see you smiling under the fingerprints of their souls.

Egypt has had a revolution. It has been rather a chaos since 2011, but you know what, you were absolutely right to change your mind about that Raba'a house we owned for a day back in the 90s. You literally said: "I have a feeling that one day the Islamists will make a massacre there."

Well, they did. And we're fine, so thanks buddy!

Your brothers had been very mean to us, but as time passed, we forgot about them and moved on. They are nothing like you, and we are nothing like them. I don't even know whether they're still alive. Have you seen any of them on your side? Don't say hi! LOL (That's "Laughing Out Loud, Dad!)

I hope you're having a good sleep. Enjoy the rest, and the peace, until we meet again.

Lots of love, Baba. RIP.

Your loving daughter,



Raouf said...

Wow and double Wow
What was the spark that made you write this?

It clearly comes from a place in you that is deep and sacred in every sense of the word.
That sacredness is the essence of what your father passed on to you and you are passing to your children. It is the only thing of value and the only thing that lasts, the content is love which cannot be explained or forced, you are showing it in abundance here in these words.
I am sure you father would be proud but not surprised at who you are today.

One day when the boys are old enough you need to sit down with them and explain to them who you are and how and where you were raised and what influenced you, I am sure your father will be an important part of that story. Please do this in person not just as a video recording, so they get to ask their own questions, would be great if you also had photos.
My father did this with us (and in typical fashion he asked us to write it down and have him review it).

Tamer Sobh said...

You are one of a kind :-)

Tamer Sobh said...

You are one of a kind :-)

Tamer Sobh said...

You are one of a kind :-)

Look Who's Here :D