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29 October 2013

Straight Lines vs Circles

There's a rule that says: "A Straight Line is the Shortest Distance between Two Points"


In geometrics perhaps.. But not in the universe.

In nature, there isn't a single straight line out there.. In fact, everything is moving about in circles.
You see, you can look at something, and I can tell exactly what you're looking at by drawing an imaginary straight line..
You can as well just follow the straight line, go for the thing you want, and get it..
OK. Now you have it physically..
But does it mean anything emotionally? The answer is a big, fat, NO. Because emotions follow nature, and remember? In Nature, there are no straight lines.
If you want something as per nature's rules.. emotions.. feelings.. 

Never go after it, in a straight line. 

For that reason, and in the line of this great lesson.. I shall go after what I want, in circles. 

And I have my circle necklace around my neck, just to remind myself of the bigger picture.. 

That all lines, straight or not, and everything, comes and goes, in a circle.  

And although some people are destined to be there to break the circle, even their names are written in half circles for that sole purpose, I am glad I am not one of them. I am glad I can see high enough and find.. The irle. 

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