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08 March 2014

Julia Boutros 3ala ma yabdou

So it seems
So it seems he's funny
So it seems he's cute
His company is fun and his talk is witty
And not silly, so it seems!

So it seems he's generous
His thoughts are proper, his voice is lovely 
His eye colour is not a cheater
And more than this we can't add

So it seems he fancies love
And fears to hurt my poor heart
I didn't promise or reject him
Nor told him hope is weak

على ما يبدو
على ما يبدو دمو خفيف
على ما يبدو شكلو ظريف
وجوَ لطيف وحكيو طريف
ومنو سخيف على ما يبدو

على ما يبدو طبعو كريم
وفكرو سليم وصوتو رخيم
ولون عيونو مايخونو
واكتر ما عاد فينا نضيف
على ما يبدو هاوي غرام
وخايف يجرح قلبي حرام
انا ما وعدتو او بعدتو

ولا قلتلو الأمل ضعيف

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