An Egyptian living in Europe but her heart stayed back home. Having some random thoughts about the before and after pictures. Ghawayesh means bracelets. In my context it symbolizes the cuffs of my culture. I don't know if I like them or hate them. Thanks for passing by.

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I started this blog in 2006 as a joke. Now that I look back, I have decided to take it seriously!

30 April 2014

30 April

4 years ago. I came here. Never knowing what would come my way.

Amazing ride.

So far.


Raouf said...

Just a microcosm of life itself, we come here not knowing what it will be like and find this amazing world.

You have a huge untapped potential, the very best is yet to come.
The key is to be bold, honest, curious but have no expectations whatsoever.

Notice the interplay between your internal world ( private thoughts, feelings, motivations and dreams) and your external world.

The universe seems to have a strange sense of humor. It is polite to say thank you when you "get the jokes" specially when they are taylor made for you.
Have you thought of asking the universe for "guidance" in the project that you are worried about? Do you know how?

Not necessarily for public but OK if you want to publish this comment

Ahmed Qorrow said...

Lucky you, wish to escape from the Egyptian hell too.

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