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24 August 2014

Goldfish Letter

Dear Goldfish,

I am writing you this, blub, letter to express how much I missed you.

The aquarium felt so empty, cold, and dark without you. The fact that you're back makes the sun shine through the ocean, and the algae seem greener.

I hope you wouldn't consider this anything other than a fishy kind of love. Mind you, I don't want to have your little caviars or anything. I just love having you in my waters, so we can have our little daily adventures in finding Nemo and the likes.

I feel safe from sharks and much appreciated. I hang on your strong fin with that fish tattoo (your great granddad?), and feel like I can beat a war submarine.

So happy you're safe and didn't fall into the capture of some evil fisher's net.

Yours Blubbly,


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